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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chicken Pox…

Today is the first day of Asia Conference 2010. An event that everyone around me has been looking forward to. Just by reading the tweet over the past few days, you can almost sense the excitement in the air.

Initially I am so looking forward to it too! I thought since I’m not working, I am going to attend all sessions of Asia Conference!

Lo and behold, last Saturday I started to have high fever… the fever didn’t go down on Sunday and I started to develop small blisters on my body and forehead. I went to see doctor again and confirmed its CHICKEN POX!

I have not seen Jaelyn since that Sunday and know so very well that I am missing Asia Conference. I can’t attend even a single session!

This morning, when I checked my twitter and facebook, everyone is talking about how amazing was the opening, how great was the word given by Dr. Cho. I went to Attributes website and checked the pricing of the DVDs. It costs $269.16. For someone who is not working, I simply can’t afford it.


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