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Love of my Life

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Little Jaime at week 37!

Finally…. we made it to week 37!

I’m just so thankful to God that we survived! I think it is really a miracle to go from week 30+2 to week 37 with 3cm dilation. My gynae was so sure that I will deliver early and baby is not going to make it to term. But we did it!

The last 7 weeks were not easy. Lying down daily and worrying constantly over the slightest blood stain, the slightest contraction & pain felt. I ate so much hoping that Jaime would put on some weight and then worried if I’m ever going to lose the extra weight I gained.

I pray all the time for her lungs & organs to be well developed, pray that her arms & limbs will be well formed, etc… Of course I also pray that she will be pretty & fair. Lately I pray that she will not have jaundice.

Then I nagged and nagged at my hubby to buy all the necessities for baby, to wash all the baby items and get her cot ready & all. I really tired him out. There were moments that we just got so frustrated with each other that we just don’t talk. But he is really a tremendous hubby & a great daddy! He is under so much stress, taking care of Jaelyn & me and putting up with my on-off nonsensical requests.

If you ask me now, I’m still not quite prepared for delivery yet but I really hope is anytime this week. I do not want to drag any longer. Hmm… shall see what my gynae will say at my next visit this coming Tuesday.


Picturing my boredom…

Thursday, February 24, 2011

“I gave you one already…”


Lately conversation with Jaelyn has been rather interesting. She has grown so much and talking to her can be rather amusing.

Just the other day, Daddy bought Jaelyn a packet of marshmallows. As usual, she can’t wait another day before she opened up her treats and started munching… So I asked her, “Jaelyn, can I have one please?” She replied, “Ok!” and quickly pop one marshmallow into my mouth. After a while, I asked her again… “Can I have one please?” and her reply…

“Mummy, I gave you one already!”

My big baby is so cheeky!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Jaelyn turns 3!!!

Time really flies… My princess is already 3 years old!

I wanted to have a fun party for my princess but it’s difficult to do that this year given my situation. I feel sorry for my little girl. But I really tried my best. I’m thankful enough to be home for her special day. Hope she can understand.

Jae's 3 bd at carpe diem

This is the first time Jaelyn gets to celebrate her birthday in school! As her birthday falls exactly on the 2nd day of CNY, so we celebrated her birthday earlier on 31st Jan 2011. She chose the Baby Bop’s cake herself!

Of course, given her love for Disney Princess, you can imagine how she has been bugging me for a Princess birthday cake. Firstly, it’s hard to get one and secondly, seriously not much online baker will bake on the 2nd day of CNY. Anyway, I ordered Swensens' ice-cream cake with Disney Princess design for her on her actual birthday.

Jae 3rd bday actual

It was a very impromptu birthday celebration because I just made it home a week before this big day. We wanted to keep it small as I needed bed rest most of the time and can’t have a big group. We have both our families and a few close friends to celebrate her birthday on 4th Feb 2011, her actual birthday. She really loves her Princess cake! It was a small celebration  and she had a great time playing with her cousin, Gabriel and her favorite Auntie Grace and Auntie Fengyi.

I’m very grateful to our family members who make an effort to come celebrate with us for Jaelyn. And special thanks to Grace, Fengyi, Suzy, Chevy & Angela for popping by within such short notice. How can we live without family & friends?

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