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Love of my Life

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tummy Time for Jaime

This is the final week of my maternity leave… My last few days with Jaime.

Though she is suffering a flu & having a bad cough… She still enjoys her tummy time.


Jaime: Hello Mummy!


Jaime: Reading on my tummy!

Every child is a different experience for mummy

I realised that being a second time mummy does not necessary makes me more experience in handling kid.

There are just things that I have never encountered before with Jaelyn that I am experiencing now with Jaime. For instances, I have absolutely no idea how to counter the cradle cap that Jaime is having. I bought the Dentinox cradle cap shampoo that many mummies recommended. They said the cradle cap will fall off within a few days after washing with that shampoo. But after two weeks, the cradle cap is still there and it looks quite bad and don’t smell that good too. In the end, I use baby oil to massage on the cradle cap everyday 30min before bath and wash off with the cradle cap shampoo and viola! The cradle cap fell off within a few days.

Jaime also has eczema and I really hated it. After seeing pediatrician twice, applying the creams prescribed, it just doesn’t go off completely and it actually got worse when the weather is hot. (Singapore weather has been crazily hot and humid lately) So what did I do? I actually bathe Jaime using breast milk. It helps at least clear off the rashes on the face and keep the rash on the neck to minimal. The wonder of breast milk!


My cutie pie Jaime girl

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