Love of my Life

Love of my Life

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Long weekend with Jaelyn

It’s going to be a 4 days long weekend for Jaelyn & me. My parents went Malaysia to visit my eldest uncle (85yrs old!) and for the annual “Qing Ming” festival. They left on Friday afternoon and will only be back late Sunday night, so I took leave on Friday and the coming Monday to take care of my darling…

Yesterday we brought her for a swim at the Anchorvale Community Club! I think she really began to enjoy water more!!!

Today is my friend’s (Zhiping) wedding and so early in the morning was all busy preparation to attend the wedding… I was really keeping my fingers crossed that she wouldn’t make a lot of noise during the matrimony but it happened… I believed she did make her presence felt at the wedding with all the shouting and yelling… And she had a great time walking around Marina Oriental Ballroom, playing with the mirror and the crystal light that I was so worried that she would break anything.

I could have taken a picture of her there but alas! I forgot to bring the camera… I mean there’s enough things to pack for Jaelyn alone.

Anyway, she was so tired after the wedding, she fell asleep slightly before we reached home. Here’s a pic of her totally worn out after the wedding…

JJ 057-vert

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jaelyn ate my Highlighter

Blame it on the thunderstorm…

If you can recall, there was a sudden but long and bad enough thunderstorm last Saturday afternoon. With all the thunder and lightning and of course the rain, we decided to attend Sunday service at Expo instead of our usual Saturday.

So…. the initial plan of going service on Saturday evening was disrupted. Instead of playing at the nursery, Jaelyn has to stayed home. So she was making noise, catching our attention, wanting to be carried. So she was playing the fridge magnets and one of it happened to be a highlighter souvenir we bought from Korea during our honeymoon. Anyway, I let her alone for a while and went to the washroom. When I’m done, I was wondering how come Jaelyn is so quiet. Then when I found her at the kitchen, I got the shock of my life. I saw the tip of the blue highlighter on the floor… Her fingers and clothes all blue… And then I thought… How did she break the highlighter in this manner??? Then I quickly dig open her mouth and “Deng Deng Deng DENG!!! The horror of horror, her tongue all blue….” I was totally stunned. She bite the tip of the highlighter off… I quickly take a wet handkerchief wanted to clean off the stain on her tongue… totally clueless of what I should do with her… She was crying and crying and I was so so so upset with the whole incident. I went hysterical. I put her face down on my lap and smack her butt for misbehave but realized soon enough that she probably doesn’t know what has she done wrong and it really wasn’t her fault… Its mine! Why did I let her touch that highlighter!!!

So Vincent quickly throw away the highlighter (before I can take a pic). I felt so bad the whole day…

Thank God Jaelyn is fine…. nothing unusual about her… BUT she definitely did consume some “highlight” that day…

So… Human nature to push the blame and I guessed it’s really the thunderstorm that disrupted the “course of my Saturday”.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Visit to the Clinic

I brought Jaelyn for her booster dose for Pneumococcal vaccine on Monday…

While waiting for our turn, Jaelyn was walking all over the clinic… She just can’t sit still… I didn’t tell her the purpose of the visit… So she was enjoying herself, walking up and down… peeping at other babies in the clinic… Then she played with a 5 year old Caucasian girl which I thought was a real breakthrough for my very “snobbish” daughter.

So she was having a good time before the jab. I was so anxious because it has been 6 months since her last injection and she was only a baby back then… I was just worried that she might struggle and make a fuss… Surprisingly, my baby Jaelyn is so brave & courageous!!! She cried for less than 30sec… Cried lesser than when she was a baby! Hmm…

After the jab, we waited further to make payment and Jaelyn is walking  around the clinic again… and something interesting happened… There was a girl crying after her consultation so I took a sweet to comfort her to stop crying… and my Jaelyn (she’s supposed to be all over the clinic right?) saw me from a distance, screamed and yelled and quickly stretched out her hand asking me to carry her! Haha… she must be jealous.

Visit to the clinic

Had A Bad Day – 4 March 2009

Wednesday was one of the worst day in the week. I was at the mercy of Murphy… whom I did not want to get acquainted with…

  1. Being confronted by colleague for something which was her fault and not mine
  2. Being confronted for not taking responsibility for something fellow colleague did not do… my fault
  3. Jaelyn cried when I fetched her home because her Daddy is not around… Daddy’s fault
  4. Cab driver kept complaining about going to Punggol (my house) when Jaelyn is still crying… Cab driver’s fault
  5. Confronted the cab driver for grumbling and he retaliated by driving at an incredible speed of 40km/hr with no car on the road… my fault???
  6. Scolded the cab driver for driving too slow… of course its the driver’s fault
  7. Jaelyn knocked her head against the bed and got a bump near her right eye… the bed’s fault
  8. Jaelyn couldn’t sleep until 12.30am… the bed’s fault for causing her injury
  9. Jaelyn cried at 1.30am, have to carry and coax her to sleep… nobody’s fault
  10. Jaelyn cried again at 5am, carry her and pat her to sleep… nobody’s fault

Woke up on Thursday morning, felt as if I never slept at all… Feeling blue all the way… BUT STILL,  I know God will restore the day back…

JJ baby

Jaelyn laughing (still with tears) because Mummy is smacking the bed for hurting her right eye…

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Setting up Jaelyn’s Personal Blog

If you are wondering how come there is no update from this blog for a while… that is because I am busy setting up a blog for Jaelyn… Ok… I am guilty for posting 2 entries on Valentine here so… it go against the initial purpose of setting this blog for Jaelyn and Valentine has nothing to do with her… so Mummy feels guilty and decided that I should re-do a blog that is truly hers…

Since I’m going to re-do a blog for her… I recounted the events of her life and start blogging for her from Day 1 of her life… It is so hard playing catching up… She is reaching 13months soon and I just managed to update her life up to 6months…. well… almost half done! Hee…

Then now, I start to wonder, what to post here then??? If everything about her is going to be at her personal blog… What can I update at this blog? I like to update blog with pictures!!! And I don’t really take picture of myself after I bloated from pregnancy…. My camera only has Jaelyn and more Jaelyn… On top of that, I can’t manage 2 blogs!!! Sigh… this is what my hubby would call  "Gek Kiang!” Hmm….

Nevermind…. I’ll just update with Jaelyn’s pic everywhere… Haha…

Jae & Mum

Oh yah… you can view Jaelyn’s blog at :

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