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Love of my Life

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya!

Wishing all Muslims a Selamat Hari Raya! Yes, my kids do have a Malay heritage & every year we are as busy for Raya... See if we get to all dress in the same color costume next year!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The usual weekend for me...

Weekends are the busiest & the most valuable because I get to spend time with my love ones... The two beautiful princesses & my handsome king.

Strangely children drag to wake up on weekdays but they have no problem waking up early on weekends! By 7:30am both girls are ready to rise & shine!

And the day begins... Milk for both followed by breakfast. Thank God for mums, my mum had given me some vege & meat last night as she's going away to Msia for the weekend. This save me a trip to the supermarket which can be another episode in the morning.

Once breakfast is over & the girls are watching their Disney Junior channel, Daddy & Mummy are busy brewing soup & cooking mixed vege rice for their lunch. Gotta do it early as Jae has her ballet @ 11:30am.

When lunch is in their respective cooker cooking, it's bathing time for the girls. Then one feed of milk for Jaime before we head out to Kovan for Jae's ballet class.

While in the lift... Oh! Jaelyn! Why is your hair so messy??? Goodness... Rush back to the house, grab a comb & few rubber bands and out again... In the taxi ride, I have to tie her hair & entertain meimei at the same time & I still don't know how to tie a nice bun for Jae.

Anyhow, we got her to the class... Slightly late as usual... 😜Went to the NTUC nearby to grab nuggets & wedges... Got a pot luck party at my boss's house today. After the fast grocery shopping, we fetched Jae & went home.

Then feed the girls, had our own lunch & time to get them to nap. And usuallt follow by dinner preparation, feeding, bathing, changing & get them to bed. That's our usual weekend routine.

But might be slightly different tonight cos we will be going to a party! Yeah~

Pictorial Fun!

Just discover some new apps in the app store & there you go... Nice photos in frames!

I use InstaPic Frame & Frame Your Life.

My Jaime is growing up too quickly!

Wanted to post some pictures of Jaime & realized I have not been taking enough photos of her! It's really not easy to snap her picture because either she will snatch the phone away or she will not look at the camera...

But still... A few pictures of my little girl who is growing up day by day...

Jaelyn's cookies

My Princess Jaelyn is in the mood of baking...

She baked some ready-mix cookies with 阿姨 but still she wanted to do cookies "that can use the cookie cutters kind" she said.

So to meet that request I browsed around for simple cookie dough recipe & decided to try one that I found in a recipe book at home.

Jaelyn was really excited after I finally rolled out the dough. She happily cut out her cookies with the cookies cutters & decorated them all by herself!

Even when I told her its time for bed & mummy will finish up for her. She replied, "You must put the M&M and rainbow rice on every cookie ok?!"

So proud of my little 4year old!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jaime’s 1st Birthday

I am truly sorry that I owed this to Jaime for more than 4 months…

Our little girl has finally crossed her first year! Time sure flew by without us realizing it… And I think she grows up TOO FAST!

Jaime 1st deco

As a mum of 2, I’m constantly reminding myself that I have to be fair to both… Sometimes I get really excited over the Jaelyn, the first child, and all her achievement, when it comes to the second one, I tend to compare… Stuffs like… why is she not crawling yet? Why is she not walking still? Why she still can’t sleep through… I thought the second kid supposed to hit all her milestones earlier? Jaime has just proven me wrong! But still, I love her to the bits!

Its her first birthday! I wanted to do something special but with two kids, budget is really a constraint!

But still, we managed to give her a personalised Mickey Mouse theme Birthday! I really almost contemplated to reuse Jaelyn’s first birthday deco… Winnie the Pooh… but I felt sorry for Jaime if she has to reuse all her sister’s hand me down… EVEN the birthday theme. So I got her her very own Minnie Mouse Balloon Bouquet! Woah! It’s really nice!

Jaime 1st bday cake

I wanted to get a nice cake from Pine Garden but after sending them umpteen emails till the birthday was over, I did not get any reply. We managed to get a nice and flavorsome cake from Savoury Fare instead. And added on the nice mickey mouse shape jelly!

Jaime cake cutting

Though we have a small turnout for the Birthday… We are very grateful for our guests who showed up. It made a difference for us and our little princess.

Last but not least, Jaime, mummy loves you very much! Daddy & Jie Jie too!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Jaime’s First Lunar Birthday

Jaime lunar bday

Jaime’s lunar birthday on the 5th of the 2nd month of the lunar calendar! We did a small celebration! She tasted her first Mee Sua! And we let her “抓周”, a Chinese tradition where the child picks an item on the first lunar birthday that symbolises her future. To our surprise, she chose… “葱”which means smart (the sound 聪明)… followed by the chicken drumstick, which we all expected! LOL… Good… she is going to be a smart girl!!! Clap Clap!!!

And we brought her to Kiddy Palace to buy herself a proper pair of shoes for her first birthday! She can really shop and tell you what she likes!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jaelyn turns 4!

It’s been almost a long long while since I last posted… But I just can’t miss this one…

My Princess turning 4 years old!

Jae@the zoo

Her Birthday request was to go to the zoo! So we brought her to the zoo on her birthday morning! She totally totally enjoyed herself!

Jae turns 4

And we have a small family celebration in the evening. She is one happy girl! I’m so proud of my Princess… It seems like just yesterday we had her in our arms and now… She is all grown up… Mummy loves you and wants you to be this happy forever!

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