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Love of my Life

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

2010 a year of transitions

Jaelyn is taking her nap & I’ve decided to steal some time off to do a quick blog entry…

Time really shows no mercy, in a blink of an eye, we are now approaching the end of 2010 in just a month time.

Looking back, 2010 has really been an adventurous year, almost too overwhelming for me.

My life took a great turning point in April 2010. I left a comfortable job to pursue for something more. It changes every course of my journey. I took two months to finally get a new job. Not exactly what I wanted (I wanted to work in the town area but ended up in an industrial area) but it was an experience of a lifetime. I’m got the position of an Accountant in a local listed company. On my first week of work, to my horror of horror, the turnover in this company was worst than audit firm. Then I realised this company pays miserable variable bonus, which I finally understood why the HR refused to comment on this when I asked. Besides that, the processes in this company was shockingly backward. I was so traumatized by the fact that I have to manually sign off hundreds of journals and the proposal to make a self inking stamp was rejected because it costs slightly more than $20. OMG!

I really would have left to find a better job if not for the second major change that took place in my life. For the past 1 year, we have been trying for no.2 but no avail. We kind of aborted the idea when I quitted my job in April. We didn’t give much thought to it and really, without any effort at all. Then to our great surprise, we hit the jackpot with one strike.


Following this was the suffering of morning sickness… It was tough! Tougher this round when I still have to take care of my active two year old!

So, I hang on to my job, counting down to my delivery every single day.

After I passed the first trimester, we decided it’s time for Jaelyn to start school, which was postponed from June to September due to me switching job.

It wasn’t easy getting her to adapt to school. I remembered on  the third day of school, I literately cry my way home because I felt so heart pain to see her crying when I left. I couldn’t stay long with her in the school because I was feeling nauseous all the time. It was really a struggle for her and for us. Initially we allowed her to stay over at my mum’s place every weekend. But it turned out that she will cry and wail and refused to come home because she doesn’t want to go school. ARgh… Sorry mum, but I have to stop her from staying over if I really want her to adapt to school fast.

It took us slightly more than 2 weeks for Jaelyn to adapt to school, though she will still cry in the morning when I drop her off every morning. We were glad to send her to school. Her English improved and she can express herself so much more these days. Almost find her too talkative at times.

My hubby went through a rough patch too. Supposed to start a new higher paying job in October, just to find out one week before the start date that the whole plan did not progress as it should be. Nevertheless, we are glad that he still holds a job though there was no increment and his workplace has moved further from Punggol.

So now, we battle everyday to come home early. Hubby got to reach home by 6pm to fetch my girl and I tried to reach home before 7pm to have dinner together.

It was tiring….

With the anticipation of another new family member means more things to think about and more finances needed.

Seriously do not know how to handle when no.2 comes along, the sending and fetching of kids, blah blah blah..

It is really a year full of transitions for us. Above all, I just really want to be thankful to God for giving me strength to last each day, to face the many challenges along the way. And I really miss my church friends.

Jae's signature smileFinally, to end it off, everything is worth it when I see my darling smiles! I wouldn’t exchange this for anything in the world. I love my family! 


Saturday, November 13, 2010

2010 Pictures update!

Blogging is really something that once you stop for a long time its hard to get started again….
Been wanting to post an entry for the longest time but keep procrastinating… So many things took place since my last entry I didn’t know when to start…
So, I’ll start with pictures! Pictures paint a thousand words don’t they?

These are pictures of Jaelyn & me. And all taken at the happiest moments of my life in 2010. The period that I was not working!
During my jobless days, I bought Jaelyn & her best friend, Faith, for a movie treat! Shrek Forever After! It’s amazing how they get along so well with each other, just like sisters!
Jae on Nebuliser 
Somewhere in May this year, Jaelyn got a prolong cough which eventually led to a slight lung infection. She has to be on the Nebulizer for 3 days. I was so heart pain to see her struggling to have that Nebulizer on. But Jaelyn is always a strong girl, after a few struggles, she was even able to hold the inhaler herself. My brave Princess!
Jaelyn kawaii 
Daddy taught Jaelyn these “Kawaii” poses when she returned home after I recovered from chicken poxy.
KL trip 1
Before I embarked on my new job, we went to KL for a short getaway! Really appreciate our Changi airport!
KL trip 2
Thanks to my cousin, Huimin, we managed to get  to a few places in the short 3D2N trip. Besides KLCC, we went to Batu cave! Oh man… It’s really sweaty to climb the stairs up to the cave. Then we went to a mega shopping mall, Sunway Pyramid. We shopped the whole day there and bought nothing! Haha… We even went to the Light City at Selangor. It’s really beautiful!
Just last month, in October 2010, Jaelyn has her first play date ever with Jayvon, Eljaz and Justin. Truly a “J” affair. It was her first visit to Polliwog at East Coast and yes, she really enjoyed herself. So much so that she didn’t want to go home. And of course, from the picture, you know her favorite is the ball pit! Because there are so many pink balls!
Jae@Uncle Royston's wedding
Ok… for now, let’s end off with this pretty picture of Jaelyn attending Uncle Royston’s wedding on the 2nd October 2010.

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