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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Time Flies… Really…

Seriously I didn’t realise that I haven’t been blogging for 2 months. I know that I didn’t update for a long time but wow!!! is really a long 2 months…

Been really busy… just finished interim audit not too long ago and am now rushing to close the year end accounts. Auditors are coming AGAIN by the end of this month to conduct year end audit. Sometimes I wonder when can I ever get away from numbers…

Hmm… Been feeling really moody lately… I think stress is getting ahead of me. Hmm…. let’s see some happy memories…


Just want to be very random this morning. Take a look, that’s my honeymoon pictures!!! Very long time ago in Korea!!! (Actually I’m just married for …3 good years… haha)

Teddy bear museum

The famous Teddy Bear Museum

I love honeymoon


Romancing Korea in the cold cold winter… hmm… Missed Korea already!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jaelyn cleaning the floor

Jaelyn magic cleaning the floor from Sheryl Dua on Vimeo.

Kids at this age is super good at imitating…. Perhaps a good time to train them to help out around the house….

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The other side of me…


First attempt on making Kueh Dadar… Argh…



Second attempt on making Kueh Dadar last Saturday! Success!


After the success, I attempted Oneh Oneh… And make Vincent finished them all! keke…

Some Pictures Update of my Princess…

JJ tieing hair

My honey pie discovers her womanly instinct - 爱美!

JJ in Mickey Mouse Tshirt

Jaelyn in pink Mickey Mouse T-Shirt

JJ all time favourite

Jae’s all time favorites – Her Rocking Chair and Rocking Horse

At Auntie XW wedding

At the Art’s House – Auntie Xiaowei’s wedding

JJ at NeuroTree

Jaelyn @ the Little Neuro Tree

JJ ah gong's bday

Celebrating Ah Gong’s birthday last weekend @ Auntie Alison’s house – Love the cushion!

JJ feeding baby

Taken today… Jae Jae feeding her toy doll!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Husband-less Night

My dear husband is on reservist AGAIN!!! ARGH…….

Tonight is his first night duty and so Jae and I are staying over at my mum place…

AND I can’t get to sleep man… Its hot and stuffy in this miserable 3 room flat with 6 adults (my nieces are staying over as well!!!) and 1 kid. Crazy huh? Yah… why did I even leave my 4 room flat empty at Punggol to squeeze here? Even Jaelyn woke up crying countless times already (but she sleep through peacefully at home)… I have decided we are all going home tomorrow and I think I can really handle a kid on my own.

Some thoughts going through my mind and I guess it really boils down to the “leaving and cleaving” issue that I really have to deal with.

Ever since Jaelyn was born, we were quite dependent on my mum, or rather, she insisted that she wanted to look after Jaelyn. So since 2.5months, we have been sheltering her from Punggol to Geylang Bahru and back home everyday on CABS!!! This was not our initial plan though. I very much wanted to bring her to office nursery but my mum was very determined on looking after Jaelyn. And of course with the thought that granny will definitely give good care to grandchild and so I gave in.

Little did I realised that my mum is intruding into our world and some issues can be quite sticky. Conflicts over what is the best way to care for a child, I can never out beat her with my reasons and research. Even simple thing like what to feed Jaelyn with is a major issue that I still can’t win over with. Furthermore I don’t get to see what she feeds Jaelyn with while I’m away at work. I sincerely believe a toddler even at 18months old, should not be given fries. I don’t even want her to get near junk food, not even until 5 years old! Jaelyn has tasted everything my mum eat including fries, Quaker oats (mind you! not nestle cereals ok!), bread with NUTELLA, chocolates etc. And I ended up with a hyper active daughter. Can you imagine a 18months old and my mum is still giving her milk every 2-3hrs? Because she didn’t want to stagger out her feeding time by giving her more oz per feeding when she was 3 months old. She insisted that Jaelyn is a small eater and must feed frequent. Aye… like other babies ok but my one cannot. It’s hard being caught in between her and my husband and sometimes even with myself. I must say, Vincent really gave in a lot because he doesn’t want to add on to my stress… Now I’m faced with a more challenging issue.

Finding a preschool for Jaelyn. Hmm… I didn’t give much thought to it until I see my colleague so anxiously finding preschool for her son. And I realised Jaelyn is just 2 weeks younger. Of course, there is debate going on in my mind whether is 2 years old too early to go school but I think it is also true that if she doesn’t go to a playgroup at least, she will be bumping around and hanging out with my mum at the NTUC and the aging neighbour there, watching the 4.30pm Taiwan drama-意难忘! OMG, this show was on TV since I was 6weeks pregnant and now my daughter is 18months and the show still never end…

So where to send Jaelyn for playgroup? I’m struggling to the point that I feel tormented. If I send her to childcare centre near my mum, my choices are limited. I shall reserve my comments on the 3 centres near my mum’s that I have yet to enquire. But a better choice would be that I drop her off at a centre near our house at Punggol before work and have Vincent to pick her up after his work. We will save on cab fares and also, Punggol and Seng Kang being new towns with many young parents and children, increase the number of choices we have over the childcare centre in these areas.

But I am thinking about my mum… If we send Jae to school, my mum would have nothing to do. Then what should I do about my mum? Ok… don’t suggest she will fetch Jaelyn, not at Punggol and not anywhere which is not within walking distance from her house. Yah… my mum not a “travelling” person. Also I’m worried if she can part with Jae. With Jae going to childcare also means I might have to cut her allowance due to increasing cost.

It’s really hard these days to provide for parents and still our own family. The cost of bringing up a child has increased so much compared to times when we were young. I mean, I don’t go to kindergarten until I was 5years old? And most of us went to PAP right? Who have heard of “Julia Gabriel”, “Brighton Montessori” or “Growing Up Gifted” when we were young. Of course I am not going to send Jae to prestigious, famous childcare due to affordability. But still, to send to a very normal neighbourhood childcare centre would mean additional $500 to $600+++ a month.

Oh man... what should I do??? Should I be so ruthless to take Jae away from my mum and send her to childcare? Jae is so small, she is already crying every morning when I drop her off at my mum’s. I think it will be even harder for me to drop her off at childcare centre. And which childcare to send to? Near Punggol or near my mum???

Argh…. So troubled. Someone please help me!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Last Day of HK Trip

We were so disappointed with the crowd and the cancelled firework that we said never to go Disneyland again.


Disney Day 2

Back at Disneyland

Disney Day 2.1

Photo-taking with Disney characters!

But we were bored in the hotel and we have some hours to spend before boarding the plane… Heehee… We decided to give Disney a second chance.

Overall we have enjoyed ourselves though I feel more tired after the trip. I’m glad we spend some real quality time together as a family.

Jaelyn's loot

Jaelyn’s loots!

P/S: Special thanks to Daddy’s portable DVD player that kept Jaelyn entertained with Hi-5 throughout the whole trip!

Hong Kong Day 4

Last proper meal at HK

Breakfast at a Tim Sum restaurant near our hotel before heading to Disneyland @ Lantau Island

DisneyLand D1

We checked in at Hollywood Disney Hotel for our final stay

Disney Day 1.1

@ Disneyland

After checking in to the hotel, we went straight to Disneyland with no time to waste. We managed to watch the parade and also took a few rides… Jaelyn loves Cinderella Carousel the most!

Hot summer in a crowded Disneyland… We waited for the fireworks and to our dismay it was cancelled!!! So disappointed…

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hong Kong Trip Day 3 - Macau

We planned to go Macau on Day 3!

Going to Macau

At the Ferry Terminal @ Tsim Sha Tsui

We took a cab from our hotel to the Ferry Terminal at Tsim Sha Tsui and realised it is actually quite cheap to take cab in Hong Kong! Only S$6! Oh man… why did we bother to travel via MTR and walk the distance???!!!!

Anyway, it was sunny at Hong Kong but not at MACAU! The journey there was a bumpy one! The sea was super rough, everyone experienced sea sick especially my poor daughter! She was crying and crying all the way until the last 15min of the 1hour ferry ride. And she lost all her appetite!

And it was raining the whole time at Macau… sigh…

Venetian Casino

@ Venetian Casino

We visited Venetian Casino and that’s about all for our trip to Macau as we couldn’t imagine the journey back to Hong Kong via the ferry and how is Jaelyn going to take it.

Spacious Nursing Room

Super spacious Nursing Room @ Venetian Casino

I don’t really like Macau. Don’t think I will go again… My poor darling suffered real bad sea sickness and she was just so happy to be back at the hotel… What a day wasted :(

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hong Kong Trip Day 2

We met up with Fay, my SOT friend, the night before for dinner and dessert… was such a long Day 1 that Jaelyn slept till almost 11am the next day… Thank God it was a free and easy trip with no much agenda… We left hotel at about 12.30pm for another new adventure...

HK Day 2

Jaelyn well rested! Tim Sum Lunch @ Causeway Bay

Stanley Mkt 1

Stanley Market

We met up with Grace and Jessica and planned our route for the day.. First off, we took a bus to Stanley Market! Thank God for friends!!!

Then we headed to the PEAK and Madam Tussaud Museum. It was a long journey from Stanley… we took a bus to Central… was a bit lost and horrified by the walking distance from Central to the PEAK TRAM station!

Mdm Tussaud

My JJ performing side by side with Marilyn Monroe @ Mdm Tussaud

It was a rainy day in Hong Kong so it was rather cloudy up on the PEAK. But still the lights in Hong Kong look beautiful! My camera battery went flat by the time we reached the PEAK… so sad :(

Though it is easy to get around in Hong Kong via MTR, not all MTR stations has escalator, in fact most MTR stations don’t. There’s always flights of stairs and to add on to that, the walking distance to a destination from MTR station can be very very long far. Jaelyn doesn’t stay in her stroller all the time and that made my journey double triple tiring… I ended Day 2 with both arms and legs aching…

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hong Kong Trip Day 1

At SG T3 Date: 21 Jun 2009

Yup! We are on our way to Hong Kong… Not yet but on the way to…

I can’t sleep the whole night before the trip… super anxious! It’s our first Family Holiday!!! First overseas trip with Jaelyn!

HK Airport Express In Hong Kong! The Airport Express!!!

The flight journey was a nightmare for me! Jaelyn’s first aeroplane ride is no fun at all! She just can’t stand being confined to a seat and she hated seat belt! She cried through 80% of the journey… She didn’t want to be seated. She wants to walk around BUT hello, we are on the plane! I’m staring at the screen in front of me for the “time to reach destination” almost every minute hoping the time will pass faster. To make thing worst, the passenger sitting next to us was not the least friendly, making irritated sigh all the time. Jaelyn finally dozed off 45 minutes before we touch down and yah… only 45 minutes nap for her. Once we landed, she woke up, ready to run!

Anyway, finally reached Hong Kong at 2.45pm. We cleared the custom after a long queue. And it’s health declaration and all officers with mask on. We bought the 3 days unlimited use Octopus Card and headed for our Airport Express ride. The train was impressive. Fast and comfy. We reached Kowloon station in less than 30minutes. Then we took the free shuttle bus to our hotel- Cityview Hotel.

Poor Darling…

I supposed to be updating this blog with my Hong Kong trip experience and photos but…

I posted the last blog entry on our close encounter with H1N1. After that incident, my daughter continued to have diarrhea for one whole week. I didn’t think much of her diarrhea until my mum sounded the alarm that it didn’t seem right for her to poo 7 to 8 times a day for a week and her body temperature is quite warm all the time. So on Saturday we brought her to Gleneagles Medical Centre to see Dr. Y Y Yip. He diagnosed that Jaelyn is probably having stomach virus and not diarrhea due to teething as I have thought.

On Saturday night, I realised a bit of blood in her stool on her last poo. I thought I might be wrong so I cross my fingers and hope that she will be fine tomorrow. Sunday came, she poo-ed 6 times that day and each time with more and more blood stain. I was horrified! I searched fanatically for the emergency number to get Dr. Y Y Yip and only managed to get the number from Gleneagles Hospital out of my desperation (the Hospital keeps telling me that they are not the right place to call to look for Doctor at the medical centre). He said to bring Jaelyn back to him on Monday and he probably need to do a Bacteria Culture on her since she got blood in her stool.

It was a struggled to get past Sunday.

Monday morning, Jaelyn woke up looking fine. Didn’t poo a single time at all, not even when we reached the clinic. Since she didn’t poo, there’s no feces sample collected. The nurse has to do a swap through her anus to collect some sampling for testing. You can imagine how hard she cried. My poor darling….

We are expecting the result to be out today. I’m praying hard that there is no sign of bacteria infection. If not, she has to see the doctor again to get medication. (She was not given antibiotics immediately as Dr. Yip said it might worsen the diarrhea so we just wait for the result first)

My mum and my sis been saying Jaelyn suffered so much after the Hong Kong trip. It was supposed to be a treat and it ended up a torture for her. Sigh…

(P/S: The emergency number to get Dr. Y Y Yip after clinic hours is 6535-8833)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Close encounter with H1N1

Our whole family just returned from Hong Kong on 25th June 2009, Thursday.

Both Vincent and I received sms during our trip to self quarantine at home for 7 days as we are returning from one of the “affected countries”.

On Saturday morning, when I carried Jaelyn when she woke up, I can feel that she is very warm. By 12noon, I checked her temperature and it was 38 degree Celsius. OH MY!!! I was panicky, worried, scared, afraid… whatever words I can find to describe my feeling… I don’t want to bring her to KK to hospitalise!!! No no no!!!

So we gave her fever medicine… still the temperature did not go down… Both Vincent & I were scared stiff… We called her usual PD, Dr. Goh Siok Ying and she advised that we should observe her for 1 –2 days and only bring her to KK if she developed cough and flu. But said that if we want to bring her to see doctor, any doctor would refer us to KK because of our travel history. Even if we bring her to Dr. Goh on Monday, she also would have to send us down to KK.

Midnight, Sunday, Jaelyn still running a fever of 38 degree Celsius. Both of us decided to bring her to KK the first thing in the morning.

28 Jun 2009, Sunday morning, we brought Jaelyn to KK Hospital Children Emergency. The moment we got off the car, the nurse asked if we did travel for the past 7 days and immediately we have to be sent to the isolation tent and only 1 parent allowed.

I went with Jaelyn. She was crying and crying… she was scared because everyone was wearing a mask. Then the nurse took her pulse, she cried and struggled and wet her pant. Shortly after, the nurse took an apparatus to measure her oxygen level, another struggle. Then we waited very long to see the doctor. Thank God we packed our portable DVD player and Jaelyn’s favourite Hi 5 disc.

The tent was full of sick kids… all wear mask. You can hear the nurse saying… fever… 38.5 degree Celsius… this one back from Indonesia… so on and so forth… I was so so so SCARED!!! I almost teared… I felt so helpless and my husband couldn’t come in.

I held Jaelyn and prayed and prayed that she will be fine. In fact, her temperature dropped to 37.4 degree when the nurse took her temperature. Finally we get to see the doctor. The doctor said Jaelyn was generally healthy except for fever and diarrhoea. She did not think she is having H1N1 but as part of the procedure, she had to take a swap test. A long cotton stick was put into her nostril to take out some sampling for testing. We were given home quarantine for 7 days till 4 July 2009. I thank God that we get to go home. It was not as scary afterall. However, we have to stay home and wait for the test result. The doctor said that if the test is negative, they will not call us. If it was positive, KK will call us to straight bring her back to hospitalise.

We went home… Sunday passed by very quickly. Jaelyn poo-ed 8 times and her fever subsided in the evening…

29 June 2009, Monday… No call from KK! Was working from home and about to “off work” so I started writing this blog… And my HP rings!!!! Unfamiliar number… Doctor from KK called to look for parent of Chua Xin Yi Jaelyn.. I held my breath…

“I’m Doctor Tay from KK Hospital… I called to inform you that Jaelyn’s test result is out… the result is NEGATIVE.”

PRAISE THE LORD!!! God is good! The doctor said if we did not receive letter from the Ministry of Health, Jaelyn need not be home quarantine.. That is sure good news!

What a close encounter with H1N1!

Friday, June 5, 2009


Yesterday Jaelyn’s diarrhoea got better… Bought her home last night AND ………………………

Her fingers got caught by the lift door… I got the shock of my life… I shouted louder than her! I quickly pulled her fingers out and they are all red! Can see the veins… Thank God she’s ok… the swell went off after cold compress…

Sigh… so discouraged… Feel lousy… How come she keeps getting hurt…. How come I never watch over her properly…

I’m so tired… It’s really not easy to take care and bring up a child… Missing her now already… not bringing her home tonight as I’m going for the Song of Solomon bible study…

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Darling is sick… Diarrhea Day 3

Today is the 3rd day Jaelyn is having diarrhea…

It’s the first time Jaelyn had a diarrhea and I don’t really know what to do. It started on Monday, my mum called me in the evening saying that Jaelyn seems to be having a diarrhea as she has watery poo after her milk and it’s the 4th times in the day already. So I quickly rushed home… but not in time to visit the doctor.

Tuesday, after Jaelyn woke up and had her first feed, she poo poo again… So I brought her to Kidlink to see Dr. Goh. The good thing about Kidlink is that short waiting time but it’s super far. Anyway took some medicine and went home. Dr. Goh said she can continue with her milk and we may dilute the milk if we want to. The diarrhea medicine taste horrible, Jaelyn threw up after tasting it for the first time. I diluted her milk… but she seems to be hungry every hour… but if I give her anything above 3 scoops, she will poo immediately after the feed. Sigh… Tueday, Jaelyn took 4 hours nap, didn’t eat her lunch… just a bit of porridge in the evening and a few feed of diluted milk…

To make things worst, she slipped and fell and cut her right pinky finger. It’s the worst kind of cut she ever had. Can still see the loose skin dangling… I was helpless… I cried… I don’t know what to do, its so painful to me… I don’t know how to stop the bleeding… Clueless and Helpless…

Wednesday, Jaelyn woke up at 9am, gave her the first feed of milk… after 10min… she soiled her diaper. Sigh… I sent her to my mum. She was unusually quiet and listless throughout the cab journey… my heart sank… I went to NTUC to buy a tin of Friso Soy powder (Isomil soy powder for 6months and above doesn’t come in small tin). She refused to drink at first… but in the end, I guessed it’s better than nothing so she drank. She poo-ed 2 more times in the day. After work, I went to fetch her… She’s moody… quite cranky… Came back… had 2 feeds of soy milk.. poo… had another feed of soy milk.. finally fell asleep 30min ago from tiredness…

I’m totally worn out… tired but don’t feel like sleeping… I don’t know how else can I make her recover faster except to pray… She’s into the 4th day of diarrhea… I wonder how is her body taking it… I don’t want to send her to hospital… No! I don’t want her on drip… she is well hydrated, she drinks water and glucose drink given by the pd… I want my baby to get well soon soon soon!

My Baby is sick…

An overdue post… (by 1 month)

Over the weekend, Jaelyn was very very sick…

Last Friday, my mum called me in the evening to quickly rush home because Jaelyn is coughing very badly and didn’t take her dinner nor drink her milk. I literately ran across the bridge linking Suntec to Gateway to catch the bus and reached home within 30min. She was indeed very listless… not much smile and babbles… very quiet… that’s not my usual cheerful baby…

Vincent and I quickly brought her home and gave her medicine from the previous visit to the doctor… We both thought its just a cough and she will recover quickly…

But she had a very difficult sleep that night… she was coughing every few minutes and crying alot through the night.. so I decided to bring her to the doctor first thing in the morning.

After she woke up on Saturday morning, I quickly packed the milk and off we go heading to Gleneagles to see Dr. Y Y Yip… But half way through the journey, Jaelyn threw up all over herself and we have to stop by my mum’s place to get her changed. Then we realised Dr. Y Y Yip was on leave. (Vincent joked that its a sign we shouldn’t go there. So we changed course, brought her to Sembawang to see Dr. Goh at Kidlink instead. She threw up the second time on the way to Sembawang…

When we reached the clinic, everyone has to have their temperature taken before we entered the clinic… and we found out Jaelyn was running a fever at 37.7 degree Celsius. Anyway it was a short waiting time and we quickly get her medicine and headed home.

By the time we reached home, it’s almost 12noon and Jaelyn only drank 4oz of milk the whole morning.

She doesn’t want her porridge, doesn’t really want her milk… Threw up a few more times at home… it was a very very sad Saturday… we didn’t make it for Dr. Kim Sung Hae service so we watched it from home over the internet. I must say her piano was very well played and full of anointing. Jaelyn finally fell asleep so peacefully during the piano session… (She didn’t catch a wink that whole day… she was just feeling so uncomfortable and so scared of the vomiting) I teared… I felt so sorry for my baby… so heart pain that she didn’t eat that day… sobsob…. I don’t like her to be sick…

She got better on Sunday, drink slightly more milk. Can walk around the house a bit more and played with her toy for a short while… and only threw up once. But she didn’t take her nap for long because she woke up every time she coughed… My poor darling…


Jaelyn catching some sleep…

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jae’s 1st McDonald Breakfast

Last Saturday was a public holiday and so Vincent & I decided to clear our off in lieu on Monday (11 May 09).

We wanted to really spend quality time with our princess and we decided to give Jaelyn a treat… Her very fast McDonald Breakfast experience!

We brought her to the McDonald at Rivervale Plaza… I ordered the infamous Happy Meal for Jae…

She wasn’t so excited about the toy… neither was she super impressed with hotcakes… but she just can’t take her eyes off the APPLE JUICE!!!


She eyed on it…. tried to bite open…and finally… Mummy relented and let her taste the apple juice that she longed for… (See her proud victory look while drinking her apple juice)

Anyway, she likes it SO SO SO Much… I almost can’t take it back from her….

The consequence of “eating the forbidden” begins to surface few days later… she was coughing and coughing… and finally today, she loses her appetite… Poor me… I was being blamed the whole time by my mum for giving her “cold drink” and as what my dad said, “It’s time to spend money again!” *SIGH*

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

She’s so FUNNY!

We brought Jaelyn to Toy’R US on May Day to let her choose a new toy for herself. She spotted this toy pram and started pushing it around the whole store with a doll sitting on it. She pushed it all around that people thought the toy pram is hers… So we decided to buy one for her.

And when we reached home… Guess what???

Jaelyn and the toy pram

I did buy her the doll to go with the pram ok!!! But ended up, she wanted to sit inside that pram to be push around AT HOME!!! Argh… *LOL* She is so FUNNY!!! Sit until cross legs somemore…

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jaelyn vs. Labor Day!

JJ 021

My darling Jaelyn on Labor Day morning!!! She sure knows what it means by public holiday!!! Haha…

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Darling Jaelyn… My Motivation…

Have been quite a while since I last update my blog…

Life has been busy busy busy…  Through it all, what I want to say is… Jaelyn has been my motivation…

Pictures paint a thousand words… So here you go… some pictures of my darling baby!

Nite without daddy 

The above are pictures of Jaelyn on the night that Daddy went for Men’s meeting. So we are spending the night together without Daddy and I’m trying to put her to bed all by myself !!! Yippie! Ladies night for us!

passport photo

We have been planning for a holiday trip to Hong Kong this June Holiday. Been talking and talking about it but just when we were about to book the air tickets, we realised we can’t proceed without Jaelyn’s passport and we haven made one for her… So I decided to take her passport photo on our own and apply it online. It only takes 3 working days!! And I just want it done so we took this picture when she just woke up. Haha… I hope she doesn’t blame me when she sees her passport picture when she grows up… Keke…


JJ in her shades 

There’s a bazaar going on at Punggol Plaza, we bought her a shade since she liked to play with my glasses so much. And yes, she really loves it (for a season only). Haha… my superstar!

Jaelyn long wkend with mummy

Here’s a summary pictures of my cheeky girl after turning 1 year old. Having her around is so much FUN!!! Hazel asked me once, do I regret having a child so early? My answer is NOPE! NO WAY!!! Though the pregnancy was a nightmare… the child is definitely a SWEET SWEET DREAM!

Friday, April 24, 2009

My Darling Jaelyn… My Motivation…

Have been quite a while since I last update my blog…

Life has been busy busy busy… Through it all, what I want to say is… Jaelyn has been my motivation…

Pictures paint a thousand words… So here you go… some pictures of my darling baby!

Nite without daddy

The above are pictures of Jaelyn on the night that Daddy went for Men’s meeting. So we are spending the night together without Daddy and I’m trying to put her to bed all by myself !!! Yippie! Ladies night for us!

passport photo

We have been planning for a holiday trip to Hong Kong this June Holiday. Been talking and talking about it but just when we were about to book the air tickets, we realised we can’t proceed without Jaelyn’s passport and we haven made one for her… So I decided to take her passport photo on our own and apply it online. It only takes 3 working days!! And I just want it done so we took this picture when she just woke up. Haha… I hope she doesn’t blame me when she sees her passport picture when she grows up… Keke…

JJ in her shades

We bought her a shade at the bazaar at Punggol Plaza since she liked to play with my glasses so much. And yes, she really loves it (for a season only). Haha… my superstar!

Jaelyn long wkend with mummy

Here’s a summary pictures of my cheeky girl after turning 1 year old. Having her around is so much FUN!!! Hazel asked me once, do I regret having a child so early? My answer is NOPE! NO WAY!!! Though the pregnancy was a nightmare… the child is definitely a SWEET SWEET DREAM!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Long weekend with Jaelyn

It’s going to be a 4 days long weekend for Jaelyn & me. My parents went Malaysia to visit my eldest uncle (85yrs old!) and for the annual “Qing Ming” festival. They left on Friday afternoon and will only be back late Sunday night, so I took leave on Friday and the coming Monday to take care of my darling…

Yesterday we brought her for a swim at the Anchorvale Community Club! I think she really began to enjoy water more!!!

Today is my friend’s (Zhiping) wedding and so early in the morning was all busy preparation to attend the wedding… I was really keeping my fingers crossed that she wouldn’t make a lot of noise during the matrimony but it happened… I believed she did make her presence felt at the wedding with all the shouting and yelling… And she had a great time walking around Marina Oriental Ballroom, playing with the mirror and the crystal light that I was so worried that she would break anything.

I could have taken a picture of her there but alas! I forgot to bring the camera… I mean there’s enough things to pack for Jaelyn alone.

Anyway, she was so tired after the wedding, she fell asleep slightly before we reached home. Here’s a pic of her totally worn out after the wedding…

JJ 057-vert

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jaelyn ate my Highlighter

Blame it on the thunderstorm…

If you can recall, there was a sudden but long and bad enough thunderstorm last Saturday afternoon. With all the thunder and lightning and of course the rain, we decided to attend Sunday service at Expo instead of our usual Saturday.

So…. the initial plan of going service on Saturday evening was disrupted. Instead of playing at the nursery, Jaelyn has to stayed home. So she was making noise, catching our attention, wanting to be carried. So she was playing the fridge magnets and one of it happened to be a highlighter souvenir we bought from Korea during our honeymoon. Anyway, I let her alone for a while and went to the washroom. When I’m done, I was wondering how come Jaelyn is so quiet. Then when I found her at the kitchen, I got the shock of my life. I saw the tip of the blue highlighter on the floor… Her fingers and clothes all blue… And then I thought… How did she break the highlighter in this manner??? Then I quickly dig open her mouth and “Deng Deng Deng DENG!!! The horror of horror, her tongue all blue….” I was totally stunned. She bite the tip of the highlighter off… I quickly take a wet handkerchief wanted to clean off the stain on her tongue… totally clueless of what I should do with her… She was crying and crying and I was so so so upset with the whole incident. I went hysterical. I put her face down on my lap and smack her butt for misbehave but realized soon enough that she probably doesn’t know what has she done wrong and it really wasn’t her fault… Its mine! Why did I let her touch that highlighter!!!

So Vincent quickly throw away the highlighter (before I can take a pic). I felt so bad the whole day…

Thank God Jaelyn is fine…. nothing unusual about her… BUT she definitely did consume some “highlight” that day…

So… Human nature to push the blame and I guessed it’s really the thunderstorm that disrupted the “course of my Saturday”.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Visit to the Clinic

I brought Jaelyn for her booster dose for Pneumococcal vaccine on Monday…

While waiting for our turn, Jaelyn was walking all over the clinic… She just can’t sit still… I didn’t tell her the purpose of the visit… So she was enjoying herself, walking up and down… peeping at other babies in the clinic… Then she played with a 5 year old Caucasian girl which I thought was a real breakthrough for my very “snobbish” daughter.

So she was having a good time before the jab. I was so anxious because it has been 6 months since her last injection and she was only a baby back then… I was just worried that she might struggle and make a fuss… Surprisingly, my baby Jaelyn is so brave & courageous!!! She cried for less than 30sec… Cried lesser than when she was a baby! Hmm…

After the jab, we waited further to make payment and Jaelyn is walking  around the clinic again… and something interesting happened… There was a girl crying after her consultation so I took a sweet to comfort her to stop crying… and my Jaelyn (she’s supposed to be all over the clinic right?) saw me from a distance, screamed and yelled and quickly stretched out her hand asking me to carry her! Haha… she must be jealous.

Visit to the clinic

Had A Bad Day – 4 March 2009

Wednesday was one of the worst day in the week. I was at the mercy of Murphy… whom I did not want to get acquainted with…

  1. Being confronted by colleague for something which was her fault and not mine
  2. Being confronted for not taking responsibility for something fellow colleague did not do… my fault
  3. Jaelyn cried when I fetched her home because her Daddy is not around… Daddy’s fault
  4. Cab driver kept complaining about going to Punggol (my house) when Jaelyn is still crying… Cab driver’s fault
  5. Confronted the cab driver for grumbling and he retaliated by driving at an incredible speed of 40km/hr with no car on the road… my fault???
  6. Scolded the cab driver for driving too slow… of course its the driver’s fault
  7. Jaelyn knocked her head against the bed and got a bump near her right eye… the bed’s fault
  8. Jaelyn couldn’t sleep until 12.30am… the bed’s fault for causing her injury
  9. Jaelyn cried at 1.30am, have to carry and coax her to sleep… nobody’s fault
  10. Jaelyn cried again at 5am, carry her and pat her to sleep… nobody’s fault

Woke up on Thursday morning, felt as if I never slept at all… Feeling blue all the way… BUT STILL,  I know God will restore the day back…

JJ baby

Jaelyn laughing (still with tears) because Mummy is smacking the bed for hurting her right eye…

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Setting up Jaelyn’s Personal Blog

If you are wondering how come there is no update from this blog for a while… that is because I am busy setting up a blog for Jaelyn… Ok… I am guilty for posting 2 entries on Valentine here so… it go against the initial purpose of setting this blog for Jaelyn and Valentine has nothing to do with her… so Mummy feels guilty and decided that I should re-do a blog that is truly hers…

Since I’m going to re-do a blog for her… I recounted the events of her life and start blogging for her from Day 1 of her life… It is so hard playing catching up… She is reaching 13months soon and I just managed to update her life up to 6months…. well… almost half done! Hee…

Then now, I start to wonder, what to post here then??? If everything about her is going to be at her personal blog… What can I update at this blog? I like to update blog with pictures!!! And I don’t really take picture of myself after I bloated from pregnancy…. My camera only has Jaelyn and more Jaelyn… On top of that, I can’t manage 2 blogs!!! Sigh… this is what my hubby would call  "Gek Kiang!” Hmm….

Nevermind…. I’ll just update with Jaelyn’s pic everywhere… Haha…

Jae & Mum

Oh yah… you can view Jaelyn’s blog at :

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finally Back Home…

Yeah… Daddy finally finished his 17days long reservist… phew… Finally we are back home and life back to normal!

Jaelyn is so happy to be back home, enjoying her own comforter set… I took many pictures but… if you follow me on Twitter, you would know that I accidentally deleted all the photos before I even uploaded them… sobsob…

Anyway, she was really happy the whole day and so I took a few new photos to make up for the loss so that I can update my blog with new pics!

Jaelyn drinking milk

Jaelyn enjoying herself lying down on her bed and our sofa…

Oh yes! She finally holds her own bottle… She knew how to long ago but simply refused to do it the moment I let go my hand. Finally she decided that she cannot be lazy for long… HaHa…

Since its her first weekend home after so long, so I decided to make her the lovely pancake that she missed last week. And she almost finished one pancake all by herself.

Jae's breakfast We are just so glad to be home! We both don’t like Daddy to be on reservist… hmm…

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine Day with Hubby

Vincent is booking out this morning and I really wanted to prepare a Valentine Breakfast for him… but I must admit when it comes to cooking, he is way way much much better than me.

Anyway, after searching through many recipes online, I confirmed that I’m really not good at cooking. But I really don’t want to buy as I find it not sincere enough. So I headed to the supermarket, bought a packet of Pancake ready mix and this is the simple breakfast we had this morning!

V Day breakfast

Isn’t it full of love???

Then we went to visit Jaelyn at my mum’s place, didn’t bring her back last night after CG. Thought of putting her there tonight as well so that we can spend some time together BUT my dad just informed us that he needs to see the Chinese sinseh tomorrow morning for his backache and we have to bring her back tonight. Hmm…

Anyway, I managed to bargain to bring her back after service so that I get to sit in this week service with hubby! And thanks to Pastor Kong for the lovely renewal of vow and exchange of rings. It’s so meaningful and memorable!

V Day 012

Ok, I need to get my beauty sleep to stay attractive for my spouse! Needs to get my exercise plan out too!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine Day!!!

I’m missing my “Valentine” at this very moment while I’m blogging… Hubby on reservist and he has to stay in tonight for his night duty… Waiting for his call at 2am!

Anyway, we celebrated Valentine on Thursday when he booked out. We have a great great dinner at OutBack! Followed by sweet dessert at MOF.

My hubby scored 100points for this Valentine!!! He surprised me with a prezie!!! A “Guess” watch!!! My watch was spoilt for months… Now I got a new one!!! Then this morning when I went to work, Audrey told me that there’s something for me at the Recept… and Evangelyn presented a bouquet of roses to me!!! By my hubby of course! He is really the “1st” one to send this year because he sent 1 day ahead… :)


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