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Love of my Life

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day of my life… 5 June 2010

Today marked the 14th day of my chicken pox!

Had a conversation with my mum this morning, confirmed that I’m no longer contagious as most of the lesion has scabbed over and many have fallen, leaving just brown spots waiting to be healed. The complete healing however, will take about a month.

Anyway, my mum urged me to quickly bring Jaelyn for the vaccine. I vaguely remembered she has taken the vaccine but was told by the nurse (ICAC) that it was not recorded in the Health Booklet. (We used to see Dr. Y. Y Yip at SBCC but now he has a new clinic at ICAC, both at Gleneagles) The nurse from SBCC is helpful to help me check Jaelyn’s medical record of all her vaccinations and confirmed that she has taken chicken pox vaccine together with MMR injection on 18 July 2009. However, that was recorded in her health booklet and I really cannot remember how many vaccinations she has taken and did she miss any. The nurse at ICAC said I can request for SBCC to give me a certificate to prove that Jaelyn has completed her necessary vaccination at their clinic, which is something that I would require when Jaelyn goes to Primary One. (Hmm… something new I learnt today)

I still don’t feel very comfortable so I decided to search through the receipts I have kept to verify the date that the nurse gave me. (to think that I kept this kind of receipt right?) And dang dang!!!


She has taken the CHICKEN POX VACCINATION!!! I’m super excited! I’m fetching my princess home!!! I changed the bed sheet for two bedrooms, wipe all her toys & our furniture using Dettol, my hubby helped me to mop the floor with Dettol too! And I’m going to buy Dettol air spray to disinfect the “air” in our house! I’m all ready to welcome my girl back tomorrow!

And I’ve also planned to go for service today after all the chores! Since I can go out, I must go to City Harvest Church for our weekly service! This has been a very tremendous week for our church family. We are in the limelight (press) again, and this time the greatest hit ever. Today (Saturday) is the day in the week that the whole church family most looked forward to since the news broke out on Monday, 31 May 2010 right after Asia Conference 2010.

I’m extremely excited to be able to make it for the service!

Sheryl at chc

Really glad that we not only make it for service, but also for the pre-service prayer meeting. (Took a picture because we seldom get to attend service together when Jaelyn is around as someone needs to be with her at the playgroup) The service was great. There’s an atmosphere of love and unity and strong presence of the love of God. I’m proud to be part of the City Harvest family, so proud that our church members are all standing strong and tall! The video clip by Pastor Phil Pringles brought me to tears, his love for us and his believing in us meant so much in this tough time. Pastor Derek shared a short word but that is enough because we all know that the church members all came prepared to fight this fight of faith together, we are well taught and trained to pray & seek the Lord for encouragement, vision & revelation. I know the main purpose we showed up today is to show that we support the church and we love our Pastor! This church has taught us well that we do not build our faith on men but we build our altar on God. What will happen to City Harvest Church? Let me answer you, we will be stronger and we will emerge victoriously!

After service, we have a great time of fellowship with our cell group, eating fabulous food at a restaurant at Bedok! I’m sure going to bring my parents there soon!

Following, my hubby & me spent some quality time together, go dating! We went for a movie at Downtown East, watching Prince of Persia! It was a great movie with fantastic ending! Definitely worth watching with a great message of pureness of heart and importance of family. Oh… and I sinned a little having Magnum Gold ice-cream! Double wow wow!

And yes, I remembered to buy the Dettol air spray before the start of the movie. I have a great day today! It’s wonderful to be out and breathing after 14 days of home quarantine.

To end off, I just want to say, “ Love God, live life & love living!”

Friday, June 4, 2010

More of Jaelyn

After turning 2, my princess enters into the famous “Terrible Two” period. It isn’t that terrible, in fact, life is getting really exciting for her and for me!


Chinese New Year 2010, this is Jaelyn’s 3rd Chinese New Year celebration. It also reminds me that she was borne 2 days before Chinese New Year… (Can you imagine confinement right into the festive season?) Anyway, she has really grown. She likes to carry her small “Little Pony” bag wherever she goes. She can put on her own shoes and sometimes her socks. She is also showing her princess syndrome, she used to put her shoes nicely back to the shoe rack but these days, she just left them where she took them off. Hmm…

Jaelyn @ Explorerkid

During the Chinese New Year period (after the 3rd day of CNY where normal working life resumed), my parents went Thailand for holiday and so I have took leave to take care of Jaelyn while they were away. I really cracked my brain how to spend 5 days with her. I really want to spend quality time with her. So I decided to bring her to “eXplorerkid” at Downtown East since we got the vouchers during our stay at Downtown East chalet. It’s a huge indoor children playground! Jaelyn had lots of fun there. Going through the mega playground, climbing up, sliding down… after 3 rounds and I’m dead tired with a blister on my arm. Phew!!! Needs lotsa energy to take care of a 2 year old. We ended the session with a MacDonald treat for Jaelyn!

Slacking away

Can you tell from the picture that my baby has grown? No more a baby, now a cutie pie, a real toddy!  She is slacking and snacking away…

Sleeping Jaelyn

Some still moments of my princess. Isn’t she sweet even when she’s sleeping? My sleeping beauty!

Once again, ending of with, “Mommy loves you!” Really!!!

Jaelyn turns 2!

Jaelyn’s 2nd Birthday!

Having a kid makes me realised how much effort is needed to prepare for a Birthday!

Some people prepare for their kid’s Birthday as early as half a year in advance. Me? Hmm… I think about 1month or less???

Jaelyn’s birthday is just 5 days after Daddy’s. So every year, end January beginning of February is a busy period for me. It’s just me alone, planning for 2 birthdays! This year, Daddy really wanted to have a chalet BBQ and frankly, I have no idea what to do for Jaelyn. I mean she is just 2 years old! She has no much friends, neither do I have many friends with kids. It’s really hard, trying to figure out 5 kids to invite for her Birthday, I only managed to get 2 toddlers (Jayden and Claire) and 2 other babies (Gabriel and Nat). Good enough, really! I thought to myself, would she even remember she had a birthday party when she was two?

My sister-in-law has generously blessed us with a chalet unit at Downtown East! Vincent is totally excited about his BBQ birthday and me? The Birthday cake of course! I love cakes!!!

JJ 2nd Bday

Well, you can see that the father and daughter are enjoying their birthday party! My daughter actually enjoyed satay! One of my favourites too!

JJ Bday group

Love the cake! I ordered from Pine Garden and it tastes FAB!!!The design is nice too! Just that the pink wordings can’t stand out, can’t really see JAELYN…

JJ Bday unwrapping

Jaelyn was enjoying the chalet so much that she cried and kicked the taxi door the next morning when we checked out to go home. But you bet she had a great time unwrapping her presents when we got home!

JJ Bday Actual

I make it a point to celebrate her birthday again on the actual day - 4th February. Look at my princess, she wore a crown and a top with many colors!!! Another tasty cake from Bakerzin. Yummy!


I just want to say, “Jaelyn, Mummy loves you! Always!!!”

(Missing her dearly now…)

Missing my Princess…

Let me showcase my princess Jaelyn’s growing up pictures!

JJ 2nd Xmas

Jaelyn’s 2nd Christmas! Look at her happy face with all her presents!!!

Xmas with Claire

Christmas with Claire!!! Her very few childhood khakis!

JJ 1st visit to zoo

There was just this once when Jaelyn was sick and I told her, “If you get well by Sunday, Mummy will bring you to the zoo.” Then my princess woke up on Sunday morning and said, “Mummy, zoo!” Though she was still having abit of running nose, we brought her nevertheless. It was a crazy 1hour queue to get the tickets and she was so upset with the heat. Her first zoo experience was only about 4hours long, with 1 hour spent on queuing. No more zoo on Sundays…

JJ & Barney

Jaelyn & her best friend, Barney! It’s amazing how all kids love Barney and how popular is the “I love you” song!

Drawings on the wall

I hope you like my daughter’s first masterpiece, titled “Drawing on the wall”! Sometimes she will come to me, points to the wall and said, “Mummy, drawing! Who draw?!” See her cheeky glance?


One of her favourite phrase is “mei mei” (nice, pretty in Chinese). So when she saw this hairclips at Punggol Plaza she said to me “mei mei” and I bought for her, 3 for $12! And to date, none of them is in one piece. Hmm… Talks about Terrible 2…

Grounded Day 12

3 June 2010, Thursday, the 12th day that I’m being grounded home due to my chicken pox.

Went to the doctor early this morning to get some cough syrup and to ask him if I’m alright to go out. Sad to hear that my poxy scabs have not fallen off, it’s still better to stay home. Doctor said though it is not as contagious as the blister but it’s STILL CONTAGIOUS!

If you have not gotten chicken pox, I would strongly recommend you to take the vaccine, especially if you are an adult. It is usually more severe in adults and take longer to heal. There is higher chance of complication as well. I had very high fever for 2 days and very bad body ache before the onset of the blisters.

Ok… enough of the chicken pox story… It’s 12.30am and I can’t get to sleep. Too much of slacking and plus the cough syrup I took in the afternoon caused me to nap till 6pm. Now I’m wide awake!

I’m really missing my bubbly 2 year old, who is staying at my mum’s place due to my poxy.

Let me use this opportunity to update her pictures!!!

In the next blog entry…

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Asia Conference vs. Poxy Pox

AC tag In the blogging mood today… so better hurry!

I missed the whole Asia Conference 2010 due to my chicken pox! But I’m just so so so thankful for the thoughtfulness of City Harvest Church! They created this iPhone App – AC Radio and being an iPhone user, I benefited greatly from this app.

Almost all the preaching sessions were aired “live” via AC Radio so that I can be greatly blessed by great messages from great men of God.

A few pointers that I have caught during this Asia Conference which greatly touched my life. First of all was the Friday morning session by Dr. David Yonggi Cho. His preaching is simple yet full of anointing. I was especially inspired when he shared that we must “always carrying about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus Christ, that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our body.” quoted from the bible 2 Corinthians 4:10. It was as if the Holy Spirit spoke directly into my heart! He said that Christians must not have inferior complexity because Christ is living in us. I was greatly moved. His words reminded me that I am someone worthy, at least worth Jesus dying for. Immediately I am so lifted up in the spirit.

Following this session was a powerful sharing by the world renowned evangelist Rev. Reinhard Bonnke. His faith in God and love for people is amazing! He is so bold! I’m so blown away.

I was looking forward to Sunday morning service that will be broadcast over the internet. First visual contact with Asia Conference and is Dr. Yonggi Cho again!


(I even took a picture of Dr. David Yonggi Cho off the laptop screen!)

He said, “Christianity without miracles is no Christianity at all”. I really love his 4th dimensional teachings on praying, believing, visualizing and confessing!

Asia Conference ended with a big big blast with Dr. A.R Bernard closing the conference with an impactful word! He shared about being the “Model Citizen”! I’m so touched by his sharing on the reconciliation of God. God is not just into reconciling man’s relationship to God, but also reconciling man to his original self concept (man is created in the image of God)!!!

I can’t agree more to this! I have studied before on the discrepancy between the “real self” and the “ideal self” that people have. The message that Dr. Bernard preached is so true! We need to be reconciled back to the original self concept that God has given to mankind. It’s so important for us to have a good self image in line with God’s original intention!

I believe in everyone’s heart, there is an “Ideal self” that we always wanted to be. We want to do great things, the desire for greatness is the piece of eternity that God has put in our heart. Let us be bold to live out the true self! Let’s pray, confess, believe and visualize and bring that which is non-existence into existence! We can achieve happiness, prosperity and progress in our life! Amen!

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