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Love of my Life

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rest Day for Jaelyn

Today is the 3rd day of Chinese New Year. Daddy is back to work but Mummy is not! Heehee… but we don’t have any agenda for the day and I thought it would be a rest day for Jaelyn from the visitation and all.

And yes, she really rested. She slept from 11pm to 10am this morning. Then my parents came and we went swimming again at Seng Kang Swimming Complex. No picture cos Daddy’s not around, nobody to take picture. But Jaelyn have a great time playing in the water and the swimming pool there is fun & great! Hmm… should ask Daddy to go with us again!

Anyway, Jaelyn fell asleep right after the swimming session, on the way home. So she is sleeping since 3plus pm until now… See… its really her “REST DAY”!

Jaelyn in “Cheong Sam”

Jaelyn in cheongsam

Jaelyn in the “Cheong Sam” that my mum bought for her. Heehee… “Don’t you wish your baby was hot like me?”

A Fun Filled Day

Swimming family

Jaelyn’s First Swimming Experience

Swimming 1-tile 

We decided to make the Chinese New Year more eventful for Jaelyn so we brought her to Vincent’s 大姑 house at Villa Laguna for a swim in the morning! It’s Jaelyn’s first swimming experience! Took her quite a while to get use to the pool and finally into her float! Towards the end, I can see that she is enjoying it already! After the swim, she was so tired that she slept for 2.5hours at 大姑 place. Her first afternoon nap in this CNY season. Swimming2-tile

Overall, it’s a fun fun family experience!! We bought her this tankini when she was 6mths old, it was a long awaited swimming session for Jaelyn.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Chinese New Year Experience

Hmm… This is Jaelyn’s 2nd Chinese New Year (she arrived 2 days before CNY last year) and I must say that she  didn’t quite enjoy Chinese New Year at all…

Jaelyn doesn’t like unfamiliar faces. So this Chinese New Year is a huge challenge to her and I really didn’t notice until today…

Her first challenge was the reunion lunch at Vincent’s aunt place. She seldom sees her paternal grandparents, her only aunt stayed in China and this is like her first time meeting her grand-aunties and uncles. She was totally freak out! She cling on to me like super glue and scream and yell when people touch her or attempt to carry her. I thought that was because she didn’t have her afternoon nap… But she was ok when we went to my parents’ place for dinner. Its familiar faces and familiar environment for her.

She didn’t sleep until 12.30am on that night. This is probably the first countdown in her life. Yah… we all slept through the new year when we crossed over to 2009.

First Day of Chinese New Year, we went to Vincent’s parents’ place for our first stop… She was gloomy all the way. She wasn’t really excited about her “Ang bao”… As usual, nobody can touch her except Vincent and me. Then we went to a relative place and she is somewhat reaching her limit so we decided to end off at my mum place. She totally went berserk at the final stop. Cried non-stop for half an hour before she finally fell asleep at 6pm. She doesn’t even want me towards the end. She was complaining to my mum how we tortured her with strangers who happened to be her relatives. My poor darling… I was quite heartbroken when I saw how tired she was. She didn’t even move a bit when we were watching the TV loudly when actually she is quite a light sleeper.

Tomorrow is another round of visitation of Vincent’s relatives. I wonder how is she going to take it. How I wish to end off all the visitation and just spent time with her. She is definitely not “I”. I can see that she disliked every bit of this Chinese New Year except for the Kueh Baru and love letters. (No choice, have to pacify her abit)

Reunion & 1st day of CNY 

Jaelyn didn’t smile…

Jaelyn’s Favorite Toy

Jaelyn fav toy horse

This is Jaelyn’s favorite toy for now… the rocking horse. A Christmas gift from Emmanuel & Faith!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jaelyn turning ONE soon…

My baby is turning one real soon… Oh man… Cannot believe it! Actually it is quite stressful to plan a 1st Birthday Party… When I look at what San did for Jayvon… ARGH…

Really running out of time. We wanted to book Aranda Country Club but it’s quite expensive. After thinking through, we have decided to just have a small party at home with family members and close friends. Hmm… Make it up when she is older and can appreciate party more…

Trying to make it up a bit, I bought some nice nice deco for her home party…

Picture 523A Pooh 1st Candle

Picture 524 

Pooh Table Cover

Picture 525

Pooh “Happy 1st Birthday” Banner

Picture 526

And Nice Nice Pooh Scene Setter…. (Haha… we wanted to shift this to her room as wallpaper after her Birthday party)

AND… You won’t believe what we bought for her to wear on that Special Day… …

Picture 527

YES! Pooh Dress!!! Its very cute de.. Got the Pooh ears popping out on the shoulder… heehee..

Okie, I admit, I like Pooh not Jaelyn!

Yeah!!! Finally…

Wow… I finally downloaded the “Window Live Writer”!!! Highly recommended by Sandra and confirmed by Edmund. Phew…

Anyway, I’m just so out of touch with all these blogging stuff… Tried to download this writer the moment San shared with me but half the time very scare I will load wrongly etc… So I wait and wait lor….

Until JUST NOW… I finally understood what San & Edmund said about the bad alignment in Blogspot… So i FINALLY downloaded this “Window Live Writer”! And alas! In the process of downloading, my MSN version was being updated as well… So now, my MSN looks a bit unfamiliar to me… Heh…

Oh oh!!! Now I can blog in my favorite PINK!!! YEAH!!!

Jaelyn's CNY clothes

My Mum bought her a "Qi Pao". She wanted Jaelyn to wear this when we visit her on 1st day of CNY… Hmm…

I bought this Korean Dress for Jaelyn to wear on CNY since last December! And I want her to wear this on the 1st day of CNY too!!! Hmm…

Jaelyn getting ready for Chinese New Year!!!

Well well well.... Time really flies! Can't believe it, one week just fly pass and "dah tan" we are less than 2 days away from Chinese New Year!!!
This Chinese New Year seems to just creep in SO silently... Before you know it, its CNY already.
Anyway, this is going to be Jaelyn's 2nd CNY. In fact, yesterday was her Lunar Birthday... I will always remember... She arrived just 2 days before CNY and I'm just so happy we made it home in time for reunion dinner... Haha... Jaelyn is super excited for CNY. For months, she can only stand and walk with support. BUT last sunday she can stand on her own for 3 counts!!! And yesterday, she can stand and clap hands!!! Yeah Yeah!!! I can see that she is getting ready for CNY!!!
Hoo hoo!!! Can't wait to see her walk...

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Erm... I still don't know how to really "utilise" this blogspot... Only know how to post photos and video for now... Sigh... Who can help me???

Jaelyn learning to walk...

My Darling is learning how to walk... Can't wait for her to start walking on her own!

Growing Up...

Growing up... growing up... I'm growing up... Jaelyn is 11 months now... Ermz... its quite hard to recall all pictures and events... I'll try very hard to recollect her milestone chart... oppz...

Jaelyn's Arrival... almost a year ago...

The first color of the rainbow added to my married life was the arrival of our princess Jaelyn on the 4th Feb 2008.


Finally... I managed to set up a blog for myself!!!

Think I must be living in some far away ulu kampong... I really think blogging is not my cup of tea until... yesterday... Seeing Wendy blogging live right into her delivery that makes me really determine to try it out.

I find it very hard to keep up with anything... Like my multiply, friendster and facebook... I think I have absent from these website(s) for quite a long while. I will REALLY trying not to MIA from this blog ok??!!...

Phew... Let's see how long this blog will survive...

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