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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jaime’s 1st Birthday

I am truly sorry that I owed this to Jaime for more than 4 months…

Our little girl has finally crossed her first year! Time sure flew by without us realizing it… And I think she grows up TOO FAST!

Jaime 1st deco

As a mum of 2, I’m constantly reminding myself that I have to be fair to both… Sometimes I get really excited over the Jaelyn, the first child, and all her achievement, when it comes to the second one, I tend to compare… Stuffs like… why is she not crawling yet? Why is she not walking still? Why she still can’t sleep through… I thought the second kid supposed to hit all her milestones earlier? Jaime has just proven me wrong! But still, I love her to the bits!

Its her first birthday! I wanted to do something special but with two kids, budget is really a constraint!

But still, we managed to give her a personalised Mickey Mouse theme Birthday! I really almost contemplated to reuse Jaelyn’s first birthday deco… Winnie the Pooh… but I felt sorry for Jaime if she has to reuse all her sister’s hand me down… EVEN the birthday theme. So I got her her very own Minnie Mouse Balloon Bouquet! Woah! It’s really nice!

Jaime 1st bday cake

I wanted to get a nice cake from Pine Garden but after sending them umpteen emails till the birthday was over, I did not get any reply. We managed to get a nice and flavorsome cake from Savoury Fare instead. And added on the nice mickey mouse shape jelly!

Jaime cake cutting

Though we have a small turnout for the Birthday… We are very grateful for our guests who showed up. It made a difference for us and our little princess.

Last but not least, Jaime, mummy loves you very much! Daddy & Jie Jie too!

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