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Love of my Life

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finally Back Home…

Yeah… Daddy finally finished his 17days long reservist… phew… Finally we are back home and life back to normal!

Jaelyn is so happy to be back home, enjoying her own comforter set… I took many pictures but… if you follow me on Twitter, you would know that I accidentally deleted all the photos before I even uploaded them… sobsob…

Anyway, she was really happy the whole day and so I took a few new photos to make up for the loss so that I can update my blog with new pics!

Jaelyn drinking milk

Jaelyn enjoying herself lying down on her bed and our sofa…

Oh yes! She finally holds her own bottle… She knew how to long ago but simply refused to do it the moment I let go my hand. Finally she decided that she cannot be lazy for long… HaHa…

Since its her first weekend home after so long, so I decided to make her the lovely pancake that she missed last week. And she almost finished one pancake all by herself.

Jae's breakfast We are just so glad to be home! We both don’t like Daddy to be on reservist… hmm…

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine Day with Hubby

Vincent is booking out this morning and I really wanted to prepare a Valentine Breakfast for him… but I must admit when it comes to cooking, he is way way much much better than me.

Anyway, after searching through many recipes online, I confirmed that I’m really not good at cooking. But I really don’t want to buy as I find it not sincere enough. So I headed to the supermarket, bought a packet of Pancake ready mix and this is the simple breakfast we had this morning!

V Day breakfast

Isn’t it full of love???

Then we went to visit Jaelyn at my mum’s place, didn’t bring her back last night after CG. Thought of putting her there tonight as well so that we can spend some time together BUT my dad just informed us that he needs to see the Chinese sinseh tomorrow morning for his backache and we have to bring her back tonight. Hmm…

Anyway, I managed to bargain to bring her back after service so that I get to sit in this week service with hubby! And thanks to Pastor Kong for the lovely renewal of vow and exchange of rings. It’s so meaningful and memorable!

V Day 012

Ok, I need to get my beauty sleep to stay attractive for my spouse! Needs to get my exercise plan out too!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine Day!!!

I’m missing my “Valentine” at this very moment while I’m blogging… Hubby on reservist and he has to stay in tonight for his night duty… Waiting for his call at 2am!

Anyway, we celebrated Valentine on Thursday when he booked out. We have a great great dinner at OutBack! Followed by sweet dessert at MOF.

My hubby scored 100points for this Valentine!!! He surprised me with a prezie!!! A “Guess” watch!!! My watch was spoilt for months… Now I got a new one!!! Then this morning when I went to work, Audrey told me that there’s something for me at the Recept… and Evangelyn presented a bouquet of roses to me!!! By my hubby of course! He is really the “1st” one to send this year because he sent 1 day ahead… :)


@ Gymboree for Thomas’s Birthday!

Thomas'BD Last Saturday @ Gymboree attending Thomas’s 1st Birthday!!! Jaelyn had a Great Great time enjoying herself.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stepping Out

Recently Jaelyn has been working real hard to master the art of walking…

Last Thursday, she tried and she successfully taken a step out on her own!!! Yeah!!! Though not very steady yet, it was a big step of faith for her! Over the last weekend, she kept wanting to walk around… She got pretty steady at walking around holding just one hand. She was so happy after that first step, she kept wanting to practice stepping out again and again. Wow!!! A little girl like her knows how to “practice makes perfect”.

On Sunday, she was able to make 2 steps! And today, her highest hit was 8 steps!!! Heehee… Of course, not all the time she managed to walk 8 steps but she is really excited and working very hard! Hmm…. Let’s see if Jaelyn will start walking around easily by 13months??!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Jaelyn!!!

Jaelyn's 1st Birthday from Sheryl Dua on Vimeo.

Jaelyn’s actual Birthday is on 4th Feb 2009. Vincent decided that we buy a small cake and sing her birthday song at home as a mini celebration. She is really really happy! Hmm…. I think for now, she is still at the stage that she prefers to be among us because she hasn’t really develop her social skills. Happy Birthday my Darling!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Jaelyn 1st Birthday Celebration

Jaelyn with Mummy

We celebrated Jaelyn’s 1st Birthday yesterday on 1st Feb 2009. We brought it a few days earlier as Vincent is going reservist on the actual day of Jaelyn’s Big Day.

We wanted a small party so we invited our relatives and a few friends who are closer to us.

Hmm… the whole party was fun EXCEPT for the cake cutting part! We wanted to cut cake at 3.30pm when most of the guests are here… Alan and Veron are helping out in the kitchen to stack the cupcakes onto the 3-tier cake stand and LO and BEHOLD!!! My princess knock out on my shoulder. Argh….

She was too excited since morning and we just couldn’t get her to take her nap since 12noon… And just before we wanted to cut cake, she totally concussed!

Then we gotta quickly keep the cupcake back into the box so that we can keep the cupcakes refrigerated. And the relatives started to leave… Oh man… I just don’t know how to react… Literately every relatives left except for my parents, sister and niece. Thank God we still have our wonderful friends who stayed behind…

Family portrait Jaelyn seems to know that these kind “uncles & aunties” who stayed behind also have to leave soon… So she took a 30min nap instead of her usual 2hrs. She woke up around 4.15pm. Just in time to cut her cake before our friends have to leave.

Photo taking After the cake cutting, photo taking and all, I thought it would be fun to have the Chinese Tradition “抓周”where the Baby gets to pick something on her first birthday which will symbolize what she would do in future . We prepared a few stuff –coin, wallet, name stamp, book, pen, calculator, chicken drumstick and some vege that sounds like hardworking (勤), smart (聪) and prosperous (算). We let her picks 3 items. And guess what???

She first chose the coin. We thought its coincident so we put in the wallet and she aimed for the wallet on her second pick. Then her third item was the chicken drumstick. So my baby is going to be very rich and lacking nothing in her life!!! Haha… so interesting!!!

Gua Zhuo Anyway, Jaelyn didn’t sleep until 12midnight… She was over-stimulated. I believe she enjoyed herself and had fun on her 1st Birthday Celebration!

Doesnt wanna sleep

Jaelyn’s 1st Birthday Cake & Cupcakes!!!

Birthday cake scapeBirthday cake by

Jaelyn cupcake cake

Cupcakes from

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