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Monday, July 27, 2009

Hong Kong Trip Day 3 - Macau

We planned to go Macau on Day 3!

Going to Macau

At the Ferry Terminal @ Tsim Sha Tsui

We took a cab from our hotel to the Ferry Terminal at Tsim Sha Tsui and realised it is actually quite cheap to take cab in Hong Kong! Only S$6! Oh man… why did we bother to travel via MTR and walk the distance???!!!!

Anyway, it was sunny at Hong Kong but not at MACAU! The journey there was a bumpy one! The sea was super rough, everyone experienced sea sick especially my poor daughter! She was crying and crying all the way until the last 15min of the 1hour ferry ride. And she lost all her appetite!

And it was raining the whole time at Macau… sigh…

Venetian Casino

@ Venetian Casino

We visited Venetian Casino and that’s about all for our trip to Macau as we couldn’t imagine the journey back to Hong Kong via the ferry and how is Jaelyn going to take it.

Spacious Nursing Room

Super spacious Nursing Room @ Venetian Casino

I don’t really like Macau. Don’t think I will go again… My poor darling suffered real bad sea sickness and she was just so happy to be back at the hotel… What a day wasted :(

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hong Kong Trip Day 2

We met up with Fay, my SOT friend, the night before for dinner and dessert… was such a long Day 1 that Jaelyn slept till almost 11am the next day… Thank God it was a free and easy trip with no much agenda… We left hotel at about 12.30pm for another new adventure...

HK Day 2

Jaelyn well rested! Tim Sum Lunch @ Causeway Bay

Stanley Mkt 1

Stanley Market

We met up with Grace and Jessica and planned our route for the day.. First off, we took a bus to Stanley Market! Thank God for friends!!!

Then we headed to the PEAK and Madam Tussaud Museum. It was a long journey from Stanley… we took a bus to Central… was a bit lost and horrified by the walking distance from Central to the PEAK TRAM station!

Mdm Tussaud

My JJ performing side by side with Marilyn Monroe @ Mdm Tussaud

It was a rainy day in Hong Kong so it was rather cloudy up on the PEAK. But still the lights in Hong Kong look beautiful! My camera battery went flat by the time we reached the PEAK… so sad :(

Though it is easy to get around in Hong Kong via MTR, not all MTR stations has escalator, in fact most MTR stations don’t. There’s always flights of stairs and to add on to that, the walking distance to a destination from MTR station can be very very long far. Jaelyn doesn’t stay in her stroller all the time and that made my journey double triple tiring… I ended Day 2 with both arms and legs aching…

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hong Kong Trip Day 1

At SG T3 Date: 21 Jun 2009

Yup! We are on our way to Hong Kong… Not yet but on the way to…

I can’t sleep the whole night before the trip… super anxious! It’s our first Family Holiday!!! First overseas trip with Jaelyn!

HK Airport Express In Hong Kong! The Airport Express!!!

The flight journey was a nightmare for me! Jaelyn’s first aeroplane ride is no fun at all! She just can’t stand being confined to a seat and she hated seat belt! She cried through 80% of the journey… She didn’t want to be seated. She wants to walk around BUT hello, we are on the plane! I’m staring at the screen in front of me for the “time to reach destination” almost every minute hoping the time will pass faster. To make thing worst, the passenger sitting next to us was not the least friendly, making irritated sigh all the time. Jaelyn finally dozed off 45 minutes before we touch down and yah… only 45 minutes nap for her. Once we landed, she woke up, ready to run!

Anyway, finally reached Hong Kong at 2.45pm. We cleared the custom after a long queue. And it’s health declaration and all officers with mask on. We bought the 3 days unlimited use Octopus Card and headed for our Airport Express ride. The train was impressive. Fast and comfy. We reached Kowloon station in less than 30minutes. Then we took the free shuttle bus to our hotel- Cityview Hotel.

Poor Darling…

I supposed to be updating this blog with my Hong Kong trip experience and photos but…

I posted the last blog entry on our close encounter with H1N1. After that incident, my daughter continued to have diarrhea for one whole week. I didn’t think much of her diarrhea until my mum sounded the alarm that it didn’t seem right for her to poo 7 to 8 times a day for a week and her body temperature is quite warm all the time. So on Saturday we brought her to Gleneagles Medical Centre to see Dr. Y Y Yip. He diagnosed that Jaelyn is probably having stomach virus and not diarrhea due to teething as I have thought.

On Saturday night, I realised a bit of blood in her stool on her last poo. I thought I might be wrong so I cross my fingers and hope that she will be fine tomorrow. Sunday came, she poo-ed 6 times that day and each time with more and more blood stain. I was horrified! I searched fanatically for the emergency number to get Dr. Y Y Yip and only managed to get the number from Gleneagles Hospital out of my desperation (the Hospital keeps telling me that they are not the right place to call to look for Doctor at the medical centre). He said to bring Jaelyn back to him on Monday and he probably need to do a Bacteria Culture on her since she got blood in her stool.

It was a struggled to get past Sunday.

Monday morning, Jaelyn woke up looking fine. Didn’t poo a single time at all, not even when we reached the clinic. Since she didn’t poo, there’s no feces sample collected. The nurse has to do a swap through her anus to collect some sampling for testing. You can imagine how hard she cried. My poor darling….

We are expecting the result to be out today. I’m praying hard that there is no sign of bacteria infection. If not, she has to see the doctor again to get medication. (She was not given antibiotics immediately as Dr. Yip said it might worsen the diarrhea so we just wait for the result first)

My mum and my sis been saying Jaelyn suffered so much after the Hong Kong trip. It was supposed to be a treat and it ended up a torture for her. Sigh…

(P/S: The emergency number to get Dr. Y Y Yip after clinic hours is 6535-8833)

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