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Love of my Life

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Growing up too fast...

In two weeks time, little Jaime is going to embark a new journey in her life... Going to Childcare. And I am getting the anxiety feel all over again...

Was sitting in front of the home PC last night & looking through the photos taken when Jaime was born... Can't help but feel that time passes by too quickly... My girls are growing up too fast too fast!

Just over the weekend, Jaelyn's lower front tooth got shaky and I looked up the web. Oh my! She's reaching another new milestone... Falling of the baby milk tooth! Next year at this time, I would be busy with which primary school to register her.

I am trying hard to remember how was it like when Jae's a baby... How was it like when Jaime's a newborn... All are happening so fast, I'm forgetting how is it like to cuddle a baby, having the child nursing at my breast etc...

I used to worry that I will become a guilty mum... But it is so true that what you worried most will most of the time comes to past. For the past years, I'm so busy with work that I am so guilty of the little time I had for the girls. To the point, when I was fetching Jaelyn up & down her enrichment class last Saturday that she said, "Sometime is Mummy & most of the time is Daddy fetch. Because Mummy gets tired & needs to rest but Daddy is never tired..." To her, my effort is always lesser than Daddy. My husband has covered up so much of my role that Jaelyn feels its a luxury to have my company... I am so guilty.

While I do feel tired, I want to make more effort to be seen in their lives! Now, I need work-life balance!

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